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Lattouf International offers you the most exclusive and some of the best hair care products available at competitive prices. 



So what is the difference between hair car products you may buy at the supermarket Vs hair care products you would buy from a professional hair salon?


Quality and healthier hair. 

The hair-care products available from professional hair salons such as Lattouf International Chadstone are all scientifically developed, containing only the best ingredients available and tested to keep your hair and scalp well nourished in optimum health and condition.

The hair-care products from supermarkets contain much lower quality ingredients and are developed to a minimum price point.


So when it comes to keeping your hair and scalp healthy, looking great and easy to manage, we recommend only professional hair-care products. 


Ask our stylists which hair-care products are right for you. 


See below for the brands we have available, 

Experience the Difference 


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